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His first tour with professional musicians was in the former USSR in 1977, when he was in 11th grade. After high school, he applied to the pop-music department of the Bulgarian conservatory and enrolled in the classical guitar stream. Already in Sofia, he was invited to play in the band "Blue White" with the Bulgarian pop-legend Emil Dimitrov. After a creative period with a lot of concerts with Emil Dimitrov, Dimo was invited to play in the band "Reflex" with another Bulgarian pop celebrity Biser Kirov. This period is characterized by international concerts in the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Austria and Germany, as well as many concerts in Bulgaria.

Soon enough, Dimo was noticed by the very popular rock band LZ, which included the famous rock ballad and pop singer, Sylvia Kazarova, also known as the Bulgarian Tina Turner. It is with the LZ band and Sylvia Kazarova that Dimo fulfilled his dreams to create, compose, play and work with professional musicians. They toured Norway, Sweden, Denmark and played on Norway - Germany and England "Color Line" cruises. The band won the most prestigious Bulgarian award, Melody of the year. After leaving LZ, Dimo gathered a band of his own and followed the path of LZ. Many new invitations followed from England - New Castle and London. He started a career as a solo player and singer. He played and sang with Spanish musicians in show programs on the cruise lines to England and Germany. From the beginning of 1999 till 2003, Dimo played at different clubs in Greenland.

He wishes to make the work of the touring performers popular. He is happy when his talent makes the audience forget everyday problems and relax while partying. After all, it is the audience that creates, motivates and supports the performer.

Best of luck, health, happiness, long life and love to the beautiful and critical audience and fans of DIMO DELIISKI.


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